Family Forum


Each of the yourfamilytree sites have a Family Forum, an area where registered users can post and respond to messages about family members.  The areas can only be viewed by family members who have access to each of the family tree sites on


In order to get access family members must first register with a username and a password.  I suggest that you use your christian name and the first letter of your maiden/surname (so that other users can recognise who you are) and any password you like.  The system will not allow two users to have the same username.

Here is what you need to do to get started.

Select the link on your family tree site above the E-Mail link to take you to the Forum Home Page.  The following screen will be displayed:


At the top right hand corner is an icon Register

Click on the link, and a Terms and Conditions statement is displayed.

This basically says you will only use inoffensive language and that you will not use the site to break the law.

Click on ‘I agree to these terms’ to proceed

Next you need to type in a Username, and email address (and confirm it) and a password (and confirm that).


Leave the Language and time zone as displayed unless you want to type in a different language and time.


There is a confirmation code which is also displayed and needs typing in the box displayed.

Click on SUBMIT to proceed

Once entered and accepted the confirmation screen is displayed.


And that’s it.



Next you need to contact your Site Administrator (use the link below the Forum link for now) and request access to the family site you want to gain access to.  That will be the name of the family to which you belong.

Once that has been confirmed, you will be able to login and use the Forum to post, view and respond to messages.

Select login from the first screen, and type in your username and password.


When you have access, you can create a NEWTOPIC by selecting the icon.


Enter a Subject title, for instance a name which you have an interest in, or a location, and then type a message in the box below the subject.

When complete, press the SUBMIT button and you should see a confirmation screen.


You can view and review ‘posts’ to the Forum at any time you are logged in.  So it is a secure format for sharing details on relations at all times.


If you have any difficulties please contact me and I will see if I can help you further.

In the meantime, get chatting.